Rappel Tower

This key event is really two sequential events, the Fast Rope and the Rappel. The Fast Rope is completed first and is completed by rapidly sliding down a thick rope, simulating egress from a helicopter. Recruits will receive a climbing helmet and thick lineman's gloves prior to being arranged around the tower to receive instruction and a demonstration from the Black Shirts. Recruits will then climb a wooden ladder in teams and complete the Fast Rope portion. They will then pick up ropes and a carabiner for use on the Rappel.

Next, recruits will be taught to tie a "seat" which will act as a harness for the rappel tower utilizing their rope and carabiner. Black Shirts will then demonstrate rappel from the tower to demonstrate proper technique. Recruits will then execute one or two rappels down the tower to tackle any potential fear of heights and develop confidence; plus this event is just plain fun.

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