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Basic Warrior Training

Basic Warrior Training

Basic Warrior Training, or BWT, is a recruit's first taste of the "field" environment. Recruits will eat Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) for the first time, sleep without heat or A/C, and hike everywhere they go. Training for this event will focus on tactical movement which will be the foundation for the remainder of a Marine's career.

The first day of BWT will be spent primarily in land navigation instruction. They will learn how to properly utilize a lensatic compass, how to read a map, and how to pace distances. Recruits will then complete a day land navigation course where they will search for points in the training area. They will then learn how to enhance these skills for nighttime and low-light conditions so they may complete a night land navigation course, similar to the day course.

The second day of BWT will focus on tactical movement. Recruits will learn how to properly navigate obstacles such as concertina wire and walls, how to detect and bypass booby traps, and how to properly camouflage. Recruits will also be introduced to military operations in urban terrain and the detection of improvised explosive devices. Following these periods of instruction, recruits will be placed in teams of four and to complete a day movement course. This courses will test the skills acquired during the day of training, and will be repeated at night as well. Each event is completed under the watchful eye of DIs who will ensure there is a chaos and uncertainty element to the completion of each course.

Key Training Events
Sergeant Instructors
Pre-OCS Checklist
Basic Daily Routine
Eating at OCS
Living in the Squadbay
5 Paragraph Order
Getting Ready
What Can I Bring with Me?
Staying in Touch
PT Plans
OCS Knowledge
Knowledge Check
Family Day
Pro Tips
The Rumor Mill
Counseling Call
Honor Grad Principles
Reading Materials
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