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Body Sparring

Body Sparring

Body Sparring allows recruits to fight one another, much like a boxing match. This event is an opportunity to practice martial arts techniques they have learned and to introduce violence in a controlled environment.

Platoons will arrive at the training location to stage their weapons and gear in formation. Recruits will remove their blouse, ensure their pockets are emptied, and have their mouthpieces in hand before receiving further instructions. DIs will conduct a demonstration of a bout to include the proper commands and strikes which will be utilized during the event. Recruits will be lined up in accordance with their weight so each recruit has a bout with an individual within 10 pounds of their body weight.

Prior to entering the ring, each recruit will be provided boxing gloves, protective head gear, and gender appropriate safety equipment. Drill Instructors will emphasize the use of body shots over strikes to the face in order to reinforce techniques taught during Martial Arts training periods. Each bout will last no more than 60 seconds.

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