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Close Order Drill (COD)

Close Order Drill (COD)

Teamwork and discipline is critical to the Marine. Much like team sports, Close order drill allows each platoon the opportunity. Will be tested from the first day of training until the day new Marines march across their respective Parade Deck. All drill instructed at Recruit Training is in accordance with MCO 5060.20, the Marine Corps Drill and Ceremonies Manual.

Recruits will be introduced to drill the second they arrive at training. The position of attention, or POA, is the very first thing will learn. From there, they will progress through the recieving process to meet their DIs on Black Friday. On this day, they will be introduced to their first marching command "Forward, March." Many recruits will stare at the deck as they march and fail to keep in step with their platoon. DIs will start slow to ensure they develop understanding of movements, but will quickly throw as much as the recruits can handle.

COD sessions are scheduled periodically throughout training to ensure each platoon is afforded time to perfect their drill capabilities. Most of these scheduled periods occur during Phase I of training. DIs will also utilize any SDI time or other break in a training day to practice drill movements.

The countless hours spent with their rifles in formation will culminate at three points in training: Initial Drill, Final Drill, and Graduation. Initial Drill signals the end of Phase I and tests the basic capacity of recruits to execute proper drill. Final Drill occurs just before the Crucible and signals the end of Phase III; this event emcompasses many basic and advanced drill movements which recruits are expected to perform without fail. The Graduation ceremony will showcase to family and friends the hard work and numerous hours spent conducting drill. Guests will observe hundreds of new Marines and DIs all in perfect step to the beat of a drum as they move forward to the next chapters of their careers.

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