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Grass Week

Grass Week

Prior to ever loading and firing their service rifles, recruits will complete up to six days of marksmanship training known as "Grass Week." This week of training is primarily conducted at the rifle range training area, but it also includes some training in the platoon squadbays. Bug spray and sunscreen are essential during this week

Grass Week will begin with recruits being introduced to their Primary Marksmanship Instructor, or PMI. PMIs are Corporals and Sergeants who have completed weeks of training and have proven their ow proficiency with the service rifle. They have extensive experience coaching recruits and Marines alike, and they are hand-selected for this important position.

PMIs will utilize chalk boards, flip charts, lectures, and practical application to best prepare their recruits to begin Firing Week. They are responsible to instruct marksmanship theory, authorized shooting positions, and the course of fire for qualification. PMIs will provide each recruit with time "snapping-in" on a practice target to learn how breathing and trigger control effect their shooting, prior to receiving live rounds.

During this training, recruits are required to pass a Weapons Handling Test. This test ensures each recruit can safely manipulate their weapons prior to obtaining live ammunition. Recruits must properly recite weapon conditions and safety rules, properly identify stoppages and malfunctions, and appropriately apply actions to get a weapon back into the fight. Any recruit who fails to pass the Weapons Handling Test will be dropped to the next company and be required to repeat Grass Week. Completion of Grass Week is required to proceed further in training.

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