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Inventory CFT/Final CFT

Inventory CFT/Final CFT

The Combat Fitness Test (CFT) is completed by recruits and Marines alike to test the individuals strength and endurance. The CFT consists of three events: movement to contact, 880m run, 2 minutes max ammo can lift, and a maneuver under fire.

The movement to contact is an 880mm sprint conducted on a track or a road course. Ammo can lifts are an overhead press utilizing a 30 pound ammo can, typically filled with sand and rock, which is weighed before the event. The maneuver under fire is a tactical-oriented shuttle run which includes sprints, buddy carries, and a grenade toss.

Recruits will complete two CFTs during their training. An Initial CFT will familiarize recruits with the conduct of events, with emphasis on the maneuver under fire course; the score attained is a benchmark for future development. The Final CFT will prove Recruits can graduate training, and they must meet established minimums.

Minimum scores for each event:

-Movement to Contact: 3:45
-Ammo Can Lift: 62
-Maneuver Under Fire: 3:17

-Movement to Contact: 4:36
-Ammo Can Lift: 30
-Maneuver Under Fire: 4:53

Recruits must meet the minimum standards of the Final CFT to graduate Recruit Training.

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