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Practical Application

Practical Application

This is the final of three academic evaluations during recruit training. Throughout the cycle Recruits will learn a number of skills which they may require as Marines either day-to-day or in a combat environment. Skills such as proper reporting, identification of ranks and uniforms, and casualty care are key to a Recruits future success.

In order to properly evaluate retention of these skills, recruits receive a practical application test which is required to graduate. To do this, recruits will be assembled outside a room and be provided instructions for the conduct of the test. They will then enter the room in groups of around ten recruits, then be directed to a work station. Each work station will have a dummy with a simulated injury on the ground and a variety of placards velcroed to the walls.

Recruits will be required to treat the casualty and describe the method which they utilized for the wounnd. They will then need to match placards of uniforms and ranks on the walls which will display proficiency in identifying the items represented. Recruits must pass this evaluation to graduate from Recruit Training.

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