0307 -  Expeditionary Ground Reconnaissance Officer

            2ndLt - LtCol

The 0307 Expeditionary Ground Reconnaissance (EGR) Officer MOS is a secondary MOS for Officers assigned to the Marine Corps' Reconnaissance Battalions in each Marine Division.  Primary MOS's for these officers are 0202, 0203, and 0302.


EGR Officers are the commanders or their assistants in the reconnaissance battalions and force reconnaissance companies. As such, EGR Officers plan, direct and assist in the deployment and tactical employment of reconnaissance units. To fulfill these responsibilities, they evaluate intelligence; estimate the operational situation; and formulate, coordinate and execute appropriate plans for ground reconnaissance, amphibious reconnaissance, raids, fire support, special insertion and extraction, communications, operational logistics and maintenance. EGR Officers are also responsible for the discipline, morale and welfare of their units' Marines. 

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Officers with this MOS are the platoon, company, and battalion commanders and executive officers of conventional reconnaissance battalions.  This is a different type of unit than the Marine Raider Battalions (formerly known as Marine Special Operations Battalions).  Recon battalions are special operations capable (SOC).  Their missions focus on providing ground and amphibious reconnaissance in direct support of the Marine Corps. 

0307 Officers will lead Marines with MOS 0321, 0323, 0324, and 0326, among other supporting MOS's.  For a thorough discussion of Marine Reconnaissance, its mission, organizational structure, and selection process, please visit the 0321 Reconnaissance Marine page.

Prerequisites to becoming a reconnaissance officer are US Citizenship, having graduated Infantry Officer's Course (IOC), a sensitive compartmented information (SCI) clearance eligibility, and medical qualification for jump and combatant dive qualifications in accordance with inter-service requirements.  

The 0307 MOS is awarded upon graduation of Basic Reconnaissance Course.  Company grade officers assigned to the reconnaissance battalion shall complete the Basic Reconnaissance Course at the School of Infantry (West) in route (TEMINS) to their respective battalions unless it is waived due to operational requirements by their receiving division. Waivers to any prerequisites or requirements must be submitted to and approved by the Reconnaissance Occupational Field Manager, Headquarters Marine Corps. Skill progression schools/courses recommended for EGR Officers include: Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Course or the SERE Full Spectrum Level C Course, Basic Airborne Course, Static Line Jumpmaster Course, Marine Combatant Diver Course, Diving Supervisor Course, Multi-Mission Parachutist Course, and Scout Sniper Unit Leaders.

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