0321 -  Reconnaissance Marine

             Pvt- MGySgt

The 0321 Reconnaissance Marine is the primary MOS for all enlisted Reconnaissance and Force Reconnaissance Marines in the Marine Corps. 

The Reconnaissance Marine is an Infantry Marine skilled in amphibious reconnaissance and ground reconnaissance & surveillance. In addition to basic infantry skills, reconnaissance Marines possess enhanced physical and psychological attributes required to gain access to the operational environment and are required to maintain advanced capabilities in combat swimming; small boat operations; highly-refined scouting and long range patrolling; close combat skills; demolitions; forward observer
procedures for supporting arms; ITG operations for heliborne, airborne, and waterborne forces; long-range communications; imagery collections; threat weapons and equipment identification. 

All Reconnaissance Marines receive advanced training in survival escape resistance evasion (SERE), low levelstatic line (LLSL) parachuting, military freefall parachuting and combatantdiving. They are also trained as a subject matter experts in advanced communications, special weapons, joint terminal attack control, helicopter-rope insertion/extraction techniques, assault climbing, intelligence collection, mountain warfare, method of entry, sniper operations, advanced combat life support, close quarter tactics, jumpmaster’s and dive supervisor’s depending on their billet in the reconnaissance platoon.Reconnaissance Marines contribute to the collection of intelligence at thetactical, operational, and strategic levels of war. They are highly capableof conducting clandestine missions in sensitive to non-permissive environments. Employed as part of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force, Joint Task Force or Joint force, Reconnaissance Marines provide timely intelligence to the supported commander to shape and influence the battlefield. The varying types of missions a Reconnaissance Marine conducts are amphibious reconnaissance, ground reconnaissance and surveillance, battle space shaping,limited specialized raids and other special reconnaissance missions by using special insertion extraction techniques to include: surface, subsurface and airborne operations as required. 

Marines can be selected for this MOS as their entry level primary MOS, or laterally transfer into it from any other MOS.  There are numerous requirements prior to consideration for this MOS.  Marines must be US Citizens, a GT score of 105 or higher, a secret security clearance based on a national agency check, law enforcement and credit check (NACLC).  The MOS is awarded after Marines complete the Basic Reconnaissance Course.  All Entry-level Marines must successfully complete the Basic Infantry Course and RTAP. Non-infantry Marines desiring lateral move will complete RTAP only, prior to attending the Basic Reconnaissance Course

Marines who pass those prerequisites may join the Reconnaissance Physical Assessment Program (RTAP).  To enter RTAP, Marines must have at least a water-survival intermediate swim qualification (Marines will require an advanced qualification to attend the Basic Reconnaissance Course).  At RTAP, Marines will have to obtain a passing score in all the following physical events:

  1. max set of pull-ups: minimum to pass, 8 repetitions.  Expect to need 15+ repetitions to qualify.

  2. max set of crunches: minimum to pass, 75 repetitions.  Expect to need 85+ repetitions to qualify

  3. max set of pushups: minimum to pass, 42 repetitions.  Expect to need 60+ repetitions to qualify.

  4. 3 Mile Run: minimum to pass 22 minutes, 30 seconds.  Expect to need a time less than 19 minutes 30 seconds to qualify. 

  5. Back-to-back Obstacle Course:  minimum to pass, 8 minutes.  Expect to need a time less than 5 minutes to qualify.

  6. 500 meter swim in less than 15 minutes, using either side or breast stroke (continuous swim)

  7. 25 meter underwater swim

  8. Underwater rifle retrieval dive

  9. 25 meter underwater rifle tow

There are 2 minutes of rest between events 1 and 2 as well as 2 and 3.​  There are ten minutes of rest following event 3, and another ten minutes following event 4.  Events 6 through 9 are performed at another time in a pool.

Marines must attain passing scores in all elements of the reconnaissance physical assessment test and reconnaissance aquatic competency test during separate training evolutions and will be required to attain passing scores to graduate the Basic Reconnaissance Course. They must also be medically qualified to perform jump and combatant dive qualifications in accordance with inter-service requirements and Standards of Medical Fitness. Lateral moving Enlisted Marines must have completed Naval Special Warfare/Special Operations (NSW/SO) physical prior to reporting to BRC. Entry level enlisted Marines must complete the NSW/SO physical prior to reporting to BRC. This includes a Report of Medical History (DD Form 2807-1) and a Report of Requested MOS Change (DD Form 2808). The completed NSW/SO physical MUST be reviewed and countersigned by an Undersea Medical Officer. Marines assigned 0321 PMOS who become medically unqualified may be directed to lateral move or be reassigned based on the Commanding Officer, MMEA and HQMC recommendations. Lateral-move additional prerequisites: No derogatory page 11 entries within the last 12 months, no NJPs within the last 12 months and with no more than one NJP during the current contract, no courts martial convictions, must be a volunteer.

After Marines graduate from BRC, they will report to one of the three Reconnaissance Battalions at each of the Marine Divisions and develop their skills further through additional highly specialized training opportunities.  

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