0369 -  Infantry Unit Leader

             SSgt- GySgt

The 0369 Infantry Unit Leader MOS is a primary MOS for Staff noncommissioned officers in the infantry.  Marines can promote into this MOS from the primary MOS's of 0311 Rifleman, 0331 Machinegunner, 0341 Mortarman, 0351 Infantry Assault Marine, 0352 Antitank Missile Gunner, and 0365 Infantry Squad Leader.   0369's primarily serve as platoon sergeants in rifle and weapons platoons, as well as operational and logistics roles in infantry companies.

The Infantry Unit Leader is responsible to the commander and assists in the planning, training, deployment and employment of all infantry organic weapons systems and the units combat power capabilities. 


They supervise and coordinate the preparation and assignment of personnel/equipment in accordance with the Table of Organization/Table of Equipment of their unit. Supervises the establishment and operation of unit command and control to include the integration and synchronization of the warfighting functions.

Marines receive this rank upon selection and promotion to Staff Sergeant from the non-reconnaissance/special operations infantry primary MOS's.  Upon selection, Marines must attend and complete the Infantry Unit Leader Course at School of Infantry (East), Camp Lejeune, North Carolina or School of Infantry (West), Camp Pendleton, California.


Marines will attend the 11 week course to learn Small Unit Training, Combat Orders, Platoon and Company- Level Offensive Operations, Platoon and Company- Level Defensive Operations, Platoon- Level Patrolling Operations, Fire Support Planning and Employment, Mortar Employment and Mortar Gunnery, Machinegun Employment and Machinegun Gunnery, Anti-armor Weapons and Employment. 


On the second day of the course, Marines will be tested on Land Navigation, Operational Terms and Graphics, Combat Orders, Communications, Weapons Capabilities and Limitations, Weapons Disassembly/ Assembly and Function Check, and Call for Fire to gain entry into the course.

There are roughly 1600 0369's on active duty in the Marine Corps.

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