0367 -  Light Armored Reconnaissance Master Gunner

             Sgt- MGySgt

The 0367 Light Armor Reconnaissance (LAR) Master Gunner MOS is a secondary MOS for infantry Marines in the LAR Field.  Marines carrying this designator must have a primary MOS of 0313  LAR Marine, 0363 LAR Unit Leader, or 0393 LAR Operations Chief.  Master Gunners are subject matter experts on the LAV-25 vehicle, its weapons systems, methods of employment, personnel, and gunnery.

The Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Master Gunner is a Marine specifically trained help coordinate the training and employment of LAR Companies and Battalions, as well as their  organic weapons, gear and assigned personnel and in the basics of LAR Gunnery as defined by the current version of MCRP 3-10D.1 Light Armored Vehicle-25 Gunnery and Employment.  

The Battalion Master Gunners and Company Master Gunners are special staff officers employed as the principal advisor to their respective commander. They assist in the development of training and employment plans designed to ensure Mission Essential Task compliance. They help design and vet the gunnery and training policies of the commander and help to disseminate information to the unit’s personnel regarding such policies. They generate and quantify reports on the unit’s technical and tactical gunnery proficiency and brief the unit commander as to where each subordinate unit sits in regards to his intent. They advise/mentor the officers and Marines of the unit in all applicable mechanical, doctrinal and conceptual gunnery and training matters as required.


Ultimately, 0367's will provide improvements to the general efficiency, effectiveness, and proficiency of the command. They have oversight of the unit's ammunition allocation and semi-annual gunnery qualification and certification programs. Additional duties include participation in applicable course curriculum review boards (CCRB), new curriculum development for gunnery and LAR related tasks, and vetting within the LAR Training and Readiness Manual (T&R).  In other words, Marines with this secondary MOS are directly involved in determining what skills, training, and education are required by the LAR community, and work to update, revise, and improve the Marine Corps policy regarding those matters.

Marines earn this MOS after completing the LAR Master Gunner Course, Camp Pendleton, California.  Marines who completed Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle Systems Master Gunner Course, US Army Fort Benning, GA prior to 1 October, 2016 also earned the MOS.  Additional prerequisites for attending the Master Gunner Course include a rank between Sergeant and Gunnery Sergeant with at least one year left on contract at course completion, previous successful completion of LAR Commander's Course, qualification on crew qualification table 6 within the past 12 months, certification as a LAV Crew Evaluator within the past 12 months, and ECL score of 90 or higher and a GT score of 100 or higher.

The purpose of LAR Master Gunner's Course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to serve as a Master Gunner in a Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Battalion.  LAR Master Gunner Course will train students to become the duty expert in LAR weapons employment and M242 maintenance procedures.  Upon completion of LAR Master Gunner Course, students will be fully prepared to develop, implement, and supervise a Light Armored Reconnaissance unit’s gunnery training plan. Marines will learn how to supervise LAV turret crew operations, manage LAV training systems, supervise LAV gunnery, and conduct LAV crew evaluator training over 8 weeks of training.  

The course provides detailed instruction on Surface Danger Zones (SDZ's), Operational Risk Management (ORM), Unit Training Management (UTM), Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) training devices, LAV weapon systems, and LAV gunnery standards and training techniques.  The course combines simulation based training, classroom lecture, practical application and a one week live-fire train the trainer exercise.  The course culminates with a Master Gunner assessment exercise during which the students develop and brief a detailed six month gunnery training plan for a LAR battalion.

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