0313 -  Light Armored Reconnaissance Marine

             Pvt - Sgt

The 0313 Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Marine MOS is a primary MOS for infantry Marines who operate the Light Armored Vehicles in support of the Marine Corps' reconnaissance mission. 

The Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Marine is an infantry Marine skilled in Armored Reconnaissance. In addition to basic infantry skills, they are knowledgeable in armored reconnaissance and surveillance, and armored security missions in support of the MAGTF to gain information on the enemy and terrain. LAR Marines provide gunnery and weapons skills for the employment of the 25mm Chain Gun, the Coaxial and Pintle-Mounted 7.62mm Machineguns and thermal optics on the LAV-25 variant. LAR Marines receive advanced training as vehicle operators, LAV-25 Gunners, LAR Vehicle Commanders and LAR Master Gunners. Non-Commissioned Officers are assigned as LAV-25 Gunners and Vehicle Commanders.

LAR Battalions, are fast and mobilized armored terrestrial reconnaissance units that conduct reconnaissance-in-force (RIF) ahead of the battalion landing teams or division infantry forces. They mainly provide the Marine Air-Ground Task Force and the Marine Expeditionary Unit commanders vital intelligence of the enemy.  They perform their methods as special motorized, infantry-based reconnaissance units as they are equipped with LAV-25s to quickly penetrate enemy lines and locate and/or harass any enemy forces to determine their size, strengths, location, and any other pertinent information requested of the Marine commanders.

LAR differs from regular infantry, as their is an emphasis on reconnaissance.  The LAR [Light Armored Reconnaissance] battalion performs combined arms reconnaissance and security missions in support of the Ground Combat Element. Its mission is to conduct reconnaissance, security and economy of force operations, and, within its capabilities, limited offensive or defensive operations that exploit the unit’s mobility and firepower.  LAR is not mechanized infantry and LAR scouts are not employed the same way as infantry or mechanized infantry.Operations requiring large numbers of infantry favor employing mechanized infantry units due to their higher troop density.  LAR units are not equipped with either an armored personnel carrier or an infantry fighting vehicle, which a designation as either armored or mechanized infantry would require, and the LAV should not be viewed as an infantry fighting vehicle or as an armored personnel carrier. This vehicle is an armored reconnaissance vehicle that lacks sufficient armor protection and troop density to perform missions normally assigned to a mechanized infantry unit.


Marines can enter this MOS directly out of the School of Infantry (SOI) or laterally transfer into it.  Marines looking to become LAR Crewmen must have a GT score above 90, be qualified as a Basic Infantryman after completing Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) as an 0311 Rifleman, or they may laterally transfer in as Marines with a primary MOS of 0311, 0321, 0331, 0341, 0351, 0352, or 0365, Water Survival Basic Qualification, normal color vision with 20/20 eyesight (or 20/200 correctable to 20/20), the psychological and physiological qualifications required for licensing as an Ordnance Vehicle Operator, a valid state driver’s license and a past driving record appropriate for issue of SF-86 as evidenced by a search of the national driver register, a height of 65 to 75 inches, and meet the physical qualification standards at recruit training required for the MOS.

LAR Marines operate as crewmen, gunners, and vehicle commanders.  They will either operate the 25mm Bushmaster Cannon, the M240 Coaxial Machinegun, drive the vehicle, or direct the activities of the driver and gunners.  Both entry level and Lateral Move Marines must complete the Light Armored Reconnaissance Marine Course (LARMC) for assignment as a primary MOS and must attain WS-I water survival intermediate qualification prior to completion of Light Armored Reconnaissance Marine Course (LARMC).  Sergeants must complete the Light Armored Reconnaissance Commander Course (see 0363). Prior to being assigned the billet “Company or Battalion Master Gunner”, Marines must complete the Light Armored Reconnaissance Master Gunner Course (see 0367).

The billets that 0313's can fill throughout their careers are endless.  Just like regular Infantry Marines, LAR crewmen are found from LAR battalions to the supporting establishment and back again.  0313's also have opportunities to go on Marine Rotational Forces in Darwin, Australia (MRF-D), MRF-Europe, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces (SP-MAGTF's), Battalion Landing Teams (BLT's) on Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU's), and the Black Sea Rotational Force (BSRF), and B-billets. 

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