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MOS Spotlight - 02 Intelligence

The Intelligence Occupational Field conducts the collection, processing, and dissemination of intelligence. The specialties within the Intelligence Occupational Field are analysis, counterintelligence, imagery analysis, geospatial intelligence and human intelligence.

Marines collect intelligence through intercepting signals, map and imagery reconnaissance, human assets and spies, conduct counter-intelligence operations to deny enemies the ability to collect intelligence on our forces, and present intelligence reports to operational and strategic commanders in the battlespace.

Basic qualification requirements include clerical, communication, and computer skills. Intelligence Specialists are required to learn and master a variety of analytical and technical skills. Formal schooling is mandatory for assignment of an intelligence MOS. All Marines assigned an intelligence MOS must submit a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) prior to attending formal school. Intelligence MOS Marines must have an adjudicated SSBI to qualify for assignment of one of the primary intelligence MOSs.

Intelligence MOS Marines are required to have a Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) test score on file in their official military personnel file (OMPF). There is no minimum DLAB score required before being assigned as 02XX Primary MOS. Intelligence MOSs are assigned and voided only by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (MM) in coordination with the Occupational Field specialist's recommendations.

Check out the below MOSs for more info: Officer MOSs

Enlisted MOSs

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