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MOS Spotlight - 03 Infantry

he Infantry is the core fighting unit force of the United States Marine Corps. Since 1775, Marine Infantrymen have fought from ship to shore, and this remains the among the oldest of the Corps' specialties. All other MOSs in the Marine Corps exist to either directly or indirectly support the missions of the individual riflemen. Marine Infantry are all organized into the 03XX occupational field. The 03 field is comprised of the following specialties: Rifleman, Light Armor Vehicle Marine, Sniper, Reconnaissance Marine, Machine Gunner, Mortarman, Antitank Missile Gunner, Infantry Officer, Marine Gunner, and Infantry Unit Leader.

Infantrymen are primarily employed in units from the team to regimental level to locate, close with and destroy the enemy in all environments and weather conditions, day and night. Infantry Marines are principally trained to operate light and fast on foot. Units are comprised of Marines proficient in the employment of demolitions, rockets, machine guns, mortars, missile systems, and other supporting arms. Infantrymen are capable of multiple methods of entry and insertion, embarking aboard and fighting from helicopters, assault amphibious vehicles, motorized tactical vehicles, ultra-light tactical vehicles and small boats. Additionally, Infantry units are comprised of Marines proficient in field craft as required by the operating environment, and they are capable of employing unmanned systems, limited information warfare, and various non-lethal systems.

As a principal component of a Marine Air-Ground Task Force's Ground Combat Element, Infantry Marines must be able to operate effectively in austere, distributed environments characterized by friction, uncertainty, and chaos. In every operating environment, all Infantry Marines must be physically dominant and masters of small arms marksmanship, tactical combat casualty care, and battle drills.

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Enlisted MOSs

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